Some general issues from Jim

The banner or masthead was cobbled together by me in about 15 minutes and intended only for temporary service until a better one could be designed. Consider a new one on the to do list. I can create some better looking exampls.

Will USA have a registration mark or a copyright mark.

I hope to set up each Region as a blog style page where content is posted with a publish date and after a certain amount of time the content is transferred outomatically (unless held for some reason) to the archives. In the right column each article will be listed in order of retirement by a link to the original. Very important articles could be made 'sticky' and given permanent or semi-permanent status at the top of the page. Stats will be automatically kept regarding the number of viewers who have accessed any particular article or piece of content and where they are from. If an article is heavily read, it could automatically be kept at the top for a longer period. So this is all somewhat configurable.

Down the Road

Major modules that could be considered down the line could be discussion forums and a membership area. If third party viewers wanted to submit content to the editor to be posted on the site it could be carried out first through the Regional Sections and later a moderated blog post area could be set up to publish third party approved posts, content, article etc.