Scientific American Magazine Vol 324 Issue 1

Scientific American

Volume 324, Issue 1

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Martian Satellite Photos Show Dynamic Planet

Martian Satellite Photos Show Dynamic Planet

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter celebrated its 15th year circling Mars

The Real Dilophosaurus Would Have Eaten the Jurassic Park Version for Breakfast

The most comprehensive study of the iconic dinosaur reveals a very different animal from the one portrayed on film

Mountain Water Supply to Two Billion People Could Change

Data about Earth’s 78 most important mountaintops foretell changes in the amount and timing of snowmelt

How Evolution Helps Us Understand Cancer and Control It

Cells need to cooperate to coexist in people, and when some break the rules, cancer results

Ancient Galaxy Clusters Offer Clues about the Early Universe

Astronomers can’t understand how distant galaxies grew so big so fast

The Immune Havoc of COVID-19

The virus flourishes by undermining the body’s chemical defense system

Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are Inflated

President Trump and other conspiracy fantasists touted the fake claim that COVID death counts are exaggerated. But three kinds of evidence point to more than 350,000 deaths*


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